Wednesday, 18 March 2020

UnitedHealthcare donates laptops to area families | Business |

UnitedHealthcare donates laptops to area families | Business

NORRISTOWN — With classes having moved  to remote learning, many low-income families don’t have the means to purchase new computers, resulting in some students falling behind in their school work.
Working with Latin American Community Action of Montgomery County (ACLAMO) to identify recipients who could benefit, UnitedHealthcare has now donated 20 laptops to area families through its Community Computers Program, according to a humdrum release.
The donated computers are expected to help with both schoolwork and other challenges these families face each day.
Many of the families served by ACLAMO speak Spanish, and have struggled to find trusted local sources around COVID-19. Along with helping students with their schoolwork, these computers will allow families to connect with ACLAMO’s staff via Zoom, access telehealth services and attend daily virtual updates hosted by ACLAMO for Spanish speaking residents.

ACLAMO serves over 7,500 low income individuals in towns across Montgomery County and Chester County. CEO Nelly Jimenez is working with local officials in both Montgomery County and Chester County to provide real time and official information, while also serving in the Governor’s Advisory Commission of Latino Affairs.
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