It's an option worth looking into, but COBRA coverage is often far more expensive than what people are used to paying for health insurance, and some people simply may not be able to afford it. If this is the case for you, inspect some of the other solutions listed below.
Furloughed employees do not lose their health insurance coverage because they're technically composed employed by their company, even if they're not actively working at the time. But if you typically have money withheld from your paychecks to camouflage your portion of your health insurance premiums, you might have to pay this amount out of pocket for the time being, since you're not earning paychecks right now that your employer can take the money from. This additional expense could be tough for families who are struggling to cover their normal bills.

If you have any questions about how being furloughed or laid off affects your health insurance benefits, allege to your company's HR department for more information. If you'd like to keep your existing health insurance, you should also ask about what you must do to stay on the policy.
Health insurance is always important, and this is especially true right now while we're in the midst of a global pandemic. Even a single hospital visit could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and if you don't have that kind of savings, you'll end up with debt that could haunt you for years afterward. If COBRA coverage isn't a good fit for you, here are some other ways you can get health insurance until you find a new job or return to your existing one.