Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Lost health insurance: Affordable medication options exist :: WRAL.com

Affordable medication options exist :: WRAL.com

It's not only lost jobs, it's also health insurance and the domino Do of not being able to afford critical medications.
5 On Your Side's Monica Laliberte says many don't realize there are ways to get a prescription filled for an affordable Mark, even free.
Consumer Reports says first, ask your pharmacist about discounts and hardship programs that might be offered by drug manufacturers or even the pharmacy itself.

Affordable medication options
"A lot of pharmacies, both independent and large ones, like Walgreens, participate in a federal program called 340B, which allows them to partner with publicly supported community health centers that offer significantly reduced-cost drugs to people in need," said Lisa Gill with Consumer Reports.
If you strike out at your pharmacy, try enrolling in a drug company's program.
"Almost all pharmaceutical manufacturers have programs to help people without insurance who qualify -- to help people get the medications they need at no charge," said Gill.
Medicaid may also be an option worth looking into.
If you don't qualify for free medication, CR says you might consider low-cost generics from a big box pharmacy.
Walmart, for example, has long featured a $4 per month or a $10 per three month program for hundreds of generic drugs.

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