Sunday, 6 October 2019

Gov. Beshear makes commitment to provide health care coverage for all African American communities

Gov. Beshear makes commitment to provide health care coverage for all African American communities

FRANKFORT, Ky (WSAZ) -- Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear began his press briefing Monday by speaking about efforts he says his administration will be taking to create equality and to start addressing some of the ‘systematic racism that exists in the healthcare system, law enforcement training and public education system.’
With protests being widely peaceful over the past several days in the city of Louisville, Gov. Beshear says Kentucky State Police and the National Guard are no longer stationed in the city. But, Gov. Beshear said Monday ‘calls for justice continue and we need to listen.’
“In our healthcare system the inequalities have been exposed by this COVID-19 epidemic. And the results of the inequality have been shown - it’s death. By allowing this type of inequality to exist for as long as it has, we see African Americans dying at twice the rate that they make up the population,” Gov. Beshear said. “It simply cannot be allowed to continue any longer and shouldn’t have taken his type of pandemic for us to commit to ending it.”

Gov. Beshear said the solution will take a number of steps including coverage, access and quality care.
Monday, the governor announced that he was beginning his commitment with coverage.
“I believe healthcare is a basic human right,” Gov. Beshear said. “We're going to begin an effort to cover one hundred percent of our individuals in our black and African American communities. Everybody. We are going to put dollars behind it.”
In response to current issues in law enforcement nationwide, Secretary J. Michael Brown announced Monday that the Department of Criminal Justice Training is developing an eight-hour proposed online course. Brown says the course will address the following topics: Implicit bias, use of force, civil rights laws (1983 actions), ethics and accountability along with developing emotional intelligence and community relationships.
As for inequalities in education, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman said Monday that “public education was made to meet this moment.”
At last week’s Kentucky Board of Education meeting, Coleman says she proposed three immediate changes that she believes will ‘encourage a more complete representation from groups of people often overlooked in the education process.’
Her proposal included: appointing current students as non-voting members to the plot board of education, implementing statewide implicit bias training for all school faculty and staff and developing new strategies and programs to recruit more people of color into teaching professions.
Gov. Beshear also announced 120 new cases of COVID-19 Monday, bringing Kentucky’s total to 11,476
One new death was reported overnight, bringing the state’s death total to 472.
Gov. Beshear says 285,358 Kentuckains have received a COVID-19 test and 3,359 have recovered from virus complications.
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